I heard them before she appeared
Her wings
And I felt her
Before she was visible
The Blue Engel
The Guardian
The Holder
In a space
Close to and far away from this place
The lady from green water
Compassionate webbed hands
Endless love in mysterious eyes
Feared, hated and loved
Wounded by so many, so many faithful and diabolical lies
The cosmic survivor
I heard the wings before I saw her
And it thrilled me
The darkness, the gifted hunter/avenger, her Daimon lover
It thrilled me

The war is coming
The brutality, the chaos, the death and the suffering
The fears and the tears
The universal war is coming and it…
The Lizard’s folly has long been here

In the cold heart of the end game
The point of return does not exist

I’ve never stopped loving you M.