The Stand

The Stand
The Stand

We’ve been on the run for about fourteen days.
Separated from the fleet the way home blocked
Two weeks for the hunters
For us an eternity.
The ship is damaged and unable to sustain ghost mode
A dozen fearless women
Battered and bloodied

Surrender they said and we’ll let you live
We are warriors
We don’t accept charity and we don’t give
Victory or death in combat are the only valid options
Come and take us – if you can

We drifted into the nearest refuge
An abandoned prison colony
Maneuvered and set her down
In full battle gear we waited for glory

Two hours later
Watched in silence as they fell from a pitch-black sky
One by one we began to hum the battle-cry
And I can feel the fire racing
From deep in my belly reaching for eyes
Blood pounding like a drum
Right here we live or die This is as good as it gets

The Stand

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